Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meloni's 24th Birthday

Hello everybody. This coming Saturday, March 15th should have been
Meloni's 24th Birthday. I was hoping to build her a simple webpage where everyone could go and leave her notes of love ... but I'm not that computer savvy anymore.
Her favorite way to celebrate was... EVERY WAY she could and with ALL her friends and family. Unfortunatly, her toomestone won't be installed by then but that's OK because although, I know she's not with us anymore, in a sence she IS, even more. I believe she's with us all. All the time. So I thought she would appreciate it if everybody would take just a few minutes out of your day on Saturday to celebrate her birthday with her. Nothing big... a prayer, a song, a toast, a dance, a special treat. Anything that the two of you would've enjoyed doing together or just something that'll make you, or her, feel good.
Lets Celebrate Meloni's Life!

If you have pictures of Meloni that I may not have, would you please email me a copy. I'd love to have them. God bless you all.